How Remote Jobs are Helping Job Seekers in Coal Country in Rural Kentucky We invite you to share this story to give hope to rural communities looking to increase job opportunities

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Read and share our detailed article about how eastern Kentucky has already placed over 300 job seekers into remote jobs.

How Remote Jobs Can Help Employ Rural America: Success in Kentucky

Watch and share this powerful video below of how three eastern Kentucky job seekers transitioned from despair to hope by finding a remote job.

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How remote jobs are helping job seekers in coal country in rural Kentucky. @FlexJobs #FJRuralAmerica #RuralJobs #RemoteWork

Partner with FlexJobs to help bring remote jobs to your community.

If you are currently working on a remote work initiative in your community, we would love to hear from you to explore ways we might be able to support your effort. Please reach out to Mika Cross, Vice President of Employer Engagement and Strategic Initiatives, at mcross@flexjobs.com.

If you are a job seeker living in a rural area and are interested in remote jobs, we are happy to offer up to 30% off a FlexJobs membership. We invite you to register for an account and use promo code RURAL on the billing page.

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