Is the iPhone the best smart phone? By: will kamm

Hackers are serious problems with internet. They can leave you on the streets with no money left. Do you really want a device that can be hacked easily? No? Than you should get a iPhone. iPhones have been acknowledged for there operating systems. The iPhone 7 has almost as much power as a MacBook Air!

WHY DOES APPLE HAVE THE BEST OPPERATING SYSTEM? Apple has one of the best operating system because it offers syncing between devices like when you do something on a mac it will send over to your phone. It also has one of the best messaging system on a computer or phone.

DOES APPLE HAVE THE MOST DURABLE PHONE? It is either the best or second best on market. Apple just started using aluminum on there phones and I have watched videos where they drop th phone from One hundred feet in the air and it doesn't even crack or bend. Sometimes you can drop a break on it and all it will do is scratch. The new iPhone 7 is very durable too it is a very strong phone. The only fault is the mat black is more prone to scratches.

DOES APPLE HAVE ONE OF THE BEST WATER PROOF PHONES? I watch tons of videos on water tests on iPhone, and some iPhone versus other types of phones and it is one of the best. It has a IP67 rating which means it is only splash resistant. But I have seen videos where they go down to thrity feet for ten minutes and survive. So I would believe that is one of the best water distant phones(video may not always work.)


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