Lewis and Clark BY: Chloe behlert and justin teague

  • Meriwether Lewis - Leader of expedition, was specially chosen by Thomas Jefferson to lead a group of Americans on an expedition across the west
  • Sacagawea - belonged to the Shoshone tribe and was kidnapped by another indian tribe
  • William Clark - Co-leader of expedition, was personally chosen by Meriwether Lewis to join him leading the expedition across th west
  • Thomas Jefferson - Sent Meriwether Lewis on an expedition to lead Americans across the West
  • Nez Perce - A tribe that Saved explorers from starvation

Expedition accomplishments:

  • They created relations with the indians
  • They mapped out Westward territory/land
  • They made many discoveries over the expedition

Hardships/dilemmas faced along the way:

  • They had to overcome harsh winters
  • They had bad relations with the Sioux indians failing Jefferson's hopes for friendly relations with them
  • The timing of the return journey would be critical because they could only cross the Rocky's when the snow melted, but if they waited too long the Missouri river would be frozen
1.Largeflower tritelia 2. Lewis's monkey flower 3. Wilcox beardtongue
1. Swift Fox 2. Townsends Mole 3. Sea Otter
They started from St. Louis and came along the Missouri River. They also came across Fort Mandan and they camped out there during the winter. When they split up, Clark came across the Yellowstone River. Lewis came across the Great Falls trying to find a shorter route through the Rocky Mountains. They then came across Fort Clatsop. Finally they reached the Pacific Ocean.
1. Compass 2. Horses 3. Syringe


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