Code Wars with Sphero

First..Why not?!

But more importantly, look at the engagement.

He's not just driving, he's thinking. He didn't even know I was there!
Team work makes the dream work!


(1) Creativity and innovation. The student uses creative thinking and innovative processes to construct knowledge and develop digital products. The student is expected to:

  • (A) apply prior knowledge to develop new ideas, products, and processes;
  • (B) create original products using a variety of resources;
  • (C) explore virtual environments, simulations, models, and programming languages to enhance learning;
  • (D) create and execute steps to accomplish a task; and
  • (E) evaluate and modify steps to accomplish a task.


(4) Critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making. The student researches and evaluates projects using digital tools and resources. The student is expected to:

  • (A) identify information regarding a problem and explain the steps toward the solution;
  • (B) collect, analyze, and represent data to solve problems using tools such as word processing, databases, spreadsheets, graphic organizers, charts, multimedia, simulations, models, and programming languages;
  • (C) evaluate student-created products through self and peer review for relevance to the assignment or task; and
  • (D) evaluate technology tools applicable for solving problems.

Getting Started:

  • Connect
  • Using the Sphero app
  • Change color
  • Calibrate
  • Tricks and how to get them

Coding Sphero Challenge:

Using the Spark Labs app, code your Sphero to go through your obstacle course.

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