Sit-ins by alex facundo

People throw food and harass protesters sitting at a counter

A lot of sit-ins took place in Greensboro North Carolina. Protesters silently sat at lunch counters until they were served, arrested, or the store closed.

Protesters attracted large mobs of people who wanted them to leave the then white lunch counters.

Most protesters were never served and after being beaten and dragged out of the stores by mobs, they were normally arrested, and kept in jail overnight.

Protesters dragged away from lunch counter after being asked to leave

4 black people were sitting at an all white lunch counter on Sunday, when they were attacked by a mob. The group at the lunch counter was asking to be served, but the restaurant refused, and eventually customers became upset and formed a mob outside the restaurant. A group of about 50 people went inside the building and proceeded to hit, throw food, and eventually called the police to remove the peaceful protesters. The police forcefully removed the group and put them in a jail cell. They were released the next day, but had severe injuries.

The lasting impacts from these sit-ins were huge. They were a quick success for civil rights activists, as restaurants were losing a lot of business keeping the counters segregated. All around the south other restaurants were beginning to follow suit and eventually they all became desegregated

Today sit-ins can be related to when protesters sit in front of riot police to peacefully get their massage across. While this may not completely relate to civil rights, peaceful protesting methods are being used to get a massage across.

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