COM60203 - SOFT BOX EXERCISE Week 4 - Sheikh Hisham (0326191)

(L): ISO 400 / Aperture: 5.0 / Shutter Speed: 1/60 (R): ISO 400 / Aperture: 5.0 / Shutter Speed: 1/60

The picture on the left was taken inside a soft box using the built in flash on the camera where else the picture of the right was taken inside a soft box without flash but using the 'soft box effect' which is where light is shined from the outside of the box.

The picture on the right uses the 3 point lighting effect to give the picture a softer and more professional look compared to the picture on the right. By using a soft box , the box acts as a diffuser that cover the flash light, scatter direct light and reduce its harshness.

In this exercise i learn that by setting up the shoot by using "natural filters'' we get much nicer and natural photos. It shows that if u want a more professional look its all about getting the setup right.

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Sheikh Hisham

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