Hello! I have exciting news for you!

The latest translation version of the Jesus film, number 1500, is the Daasanach (dah-sa-naush) language spoken by an estimated 85,000 people inhabiting parts of Ethiopia, Kenya and South Sudan. A majority of the Daasanach people are cattle herders who are known for colorful headgear but feared by their neighboring tribes.

This language is part of the Jesus film's initiative to reach the world's remaining 865 language groups that have 50,000 or more speakers.

The 1500th version is a tremendous milestone for our ministry, and in many ways demonstrates that we have accomplished so much by God’s grace. What fuels our past success and future vision is the strength and breadth of our global partnerships. This is far bigger than just us!

So we stopped, worshiped & celebrated what our great God has done!

As a ministry we took part of March 22 to meet together, share insider details of how this particular translation came about and acknowledge the many people who had their finger print on it. I only wish you could have been there to see & hear it yourself!

A script adapter sharing his story

It's was also a celebration of partnership with Bible translators, church planters & individuals who use the JESUS film throughout the world to reach people from far-flung corners of remote, hard to reach places, all the way to city high rises.

If you multiply the partnerships we have with other missions organizations and denominations by the 1,500 languages completed over 37 years your only response would have to be, 'God, You are so amazing!'

Steve Douglass, President of Cru/Campus Crusade for Christ joined us in the celebration by sharing that Bill Bright longed to have a film about our Lord taken from Scripture many years before the film was made and how the JESUS film we have today is the culmination of that vision. After his encouraging message we were awarded a lovely reminder of this unprecedented milestone.
Our Executive Director, Erick Schenkel accepting the award. What a day it was!

Do you want to see the place where the Daasanach language was recorded? If so, watch the following video.

The two gentlemen pictured above led us in praise & supplication. One asked God for many from his home country to be added to the Kingdom when this film is shown in their own tongue. Would you join us in praying for this reality to bring God great glory? The requests are below.

The other man you saw above prayed for the next 500 languages we are trusting God to complete in the future! Those languages are listed below. "Secure language" means we cannot tell you the name of the language itself, but God knows what it is and who speaks it!

Our social media efforts so far also have allowed us to highlight the partnerships, time and effort that goes into a new recording. Some examples: One of our posts highlighted Mission Aviation Fellowship, who helped our recordists get to their location. And 2) One comment received on our Facebook page was from a woman who said she was so excited to hear about the Daasanach Jesus Film recording, since she scripture checked a bit of the Daasanach Bible translation back in 1996!

Although the New Testament is currently available in the Daasanach language, only 2 percent of the Daasanach can read, making the translation of “JESUS” an incredible advancement for this unreached people group. The premier of Daasanach will be on location in the area where it is spoken; probably in early fall of 2017.

Glory to God for all He has done!

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