FLO Interviews Makenna Maldonado

As a graduation requirement, students participate in a mock interview for their class, Flexible Learning Opportunity (FLO). People from local businesses and colleges come to interview students each semester. The mock interviews are a way for students to get hands-on experience in the career world and were conducted on Friday, January 10, 2020.

"The interviews are a great way for the students to get practice to help them pursue hopefully something for their careers," said Mr. Michael Mele (Faculty), teacher of the FLO course.

All semester, these students get prepared by learning and practicing their skills Mele teaches them. Although this class is a graduation requirement, students seem to enjoy learning new skills that can help them after high school.

Justyce Ryder (11) is seen with a smile during the mock interview.
Kaanan Hissong (11) is seen approaching his interviewer. Jonah Toms( 11) is seen having a respectful conversation during the interview. Austin Thomas (11) talking during his interview.
Brandon Shatzer (11) is seen talking to a Penn State representative. Joesph Mills (11) is also seen during a mock interview. Delainy Muir (11) talks about herself in her interview.

"My experience with these interviews was great," said Lacy Nolan (12). "I got to learn new skills for college."

The interviews also required students to prepare resumes and cover letters, another component of the course that helps students develop skills for life after high school.


Makenna Maldonado