Erin’s Ministry News

This month has been a bit different for us as it has been for much of the world. The impact of a pandemic is felt even out in the most remote places, but it’s just in a different way. The fear is spread through the televisions, but life continues as normal... just with more wash basins and soap placed at every shop, public place, and home.

We as a team are doing well as Zambia follows the rest of the world in precautionary protocols. We have remained in Kalene, but due to probable travel bans and border closures, we have taken the necessary precautions of re-supplying a bit earlier than normal so we can have what we need for the next 2 months. That sounds like panicking, buying food for 2 months, but for our team that lives 8 hours from the nearest urban area, this is actually a typical supply run load for us (I know, it’s crazy but we’ve gotten used to it lol). So really, it’s just more of the normal. Since we did travel to urban areas, we are self-isolating and social distancing for a 2-week period so ministry has slowed greatly this month, but our time with the Lord has not. We are praying and enjoying the extended time with Him to rest, something that does not happen often for us out here.

You can see with this pic that our roads have taken a hit from the rainy season, but I have to say, I’ve learned to enjoy the 4x4 capabilities of my vehicle. Mudding is fun and is a daily occurrence during this season in Africa. My body aches for days afterwards, but fishtailing a bit is always a good adrenaline rush! It’s also been fun to shock some of the locals as they watch a girl can maneuver through the tough spots with ease ;)

This quarantine also is serving as time to begin postioning myself personally to ask the Lord specific questions and gain vision for the future. It’s also serving as time to recooperate from a recent bout of malaria I contracted. Now that it’s been diagnosed and is being treated, I am on the mend with prayers and medication. I am doing well and resting a lot as I allow my body to heal.

Prayer Requests

  • For my continued recovery from malaria as our quarantine continues
  • For our team to not lose momentum in vision and motivation for ministry while we are stuck in our homes
  • For our disciples to continue growing in their faith and being self-motivated as we communicate with them via technology during this short period of time
  • For the Church to stand in faith and not shrink back in fear as we shine our lights bright for others to see and know who our magnificent God is

Faith encouragement for this season:

With this season of quarantine being extended, I’m starting to be thankful for time to rest fully in the Lord and re-develop intimacy with Him I know that I (personally) have lost in the last month or so as the demands of life and ministry have reached an all-time high. It’s time to re-evaluate and get priorities back in order. So I wanted to invite all of you to do the same with this gift of free time the Lord has created through this chaos. If you desire this, but you’re unsure of what intimacy with God really is, I encourage you to check out this book I am currently reading: The Throne Room Company by Shawn Bolz.

Within the pages of this book, you’ll see a foreshadowing of the next move if God, what it will entail, and how to have intimacy with the Lord in new and fresh ways so you are positioned to be a part of that move. Here is a small taste of what this book has to offer:

Too many people look for fulfillment in their family, job, ministry, etc., expecting that if they give God their best service, He will “bless them.” Many Christians define this “blessing” as anything from earthly prosperity to a fulfilled marriage or even being an anointed minister with religious structures. This mentality is almost a Christian version of the American Dream: If you work hard enough and find favor with people, then you will live a fulfilled life with a house, two cars, and 2.5 kids! However, such thinking contains both truth and deception. God does reward labor, but only if it is in obedience to His design for our lives. We can do many good acts, but we should only strive to do the perfected works. God’s first desire for us is to discover a deeply fulfilled relationship with Him now, which is fulfilled by our divine Union with Him. Everything in the Bible centers around this concept. God uses suffering in the life He has given each of us, which further refines our affections for Him. As the depths of our hearts call out to the depth of His, God matures our love, stripping us of any other fulfillment.” —Shawn Bolz