The Clone Planet By:NathAn and Michael

There are many comparisons between our planet and earth.To start off,one difference is the diameter of our planet is approximately 10,642 miles which is greater than the earths diameter by 2,724.5 miles.To add on, the distance from the star of both planets are the same distance away.The reason for this is because we can have the same climate change.

We decided that our planet should have a greater gravitational force due to the size or our planet. Earths gravitational force is (9.807 m/s squared), which means our would be slightly greater than earths (12,7491 m/s squared). Our planet is going to have 1.3g, which is 1.3 times greater gravity than earth meaning you would weigh more.

Our planet has 8 more hours than a day on earth.Our days are 30% longer and than earths day. Meaning that our days and nights will be longer.To add,our rotation will be slower than earth. The number of days in a year on earth is 364 but we decided to use 500 days because of our rotation being slower.

The planet does have seasons because without them there will be barely any life because the seasons provide us with water and in order for life to occur on our planet we will need water. The climate of the planet will be hot and cold but mostly cold so that way there can be some rain and we will still have a chance to grow crops.

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