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The Creation of Adam

"Modern Cottage"

"Modern Cottage", 2016, watercolour and pencil crayon, 18"x 22"

Technique: Water colour was used for most parts of the space and colour pencils were used for details and textures, also for parts that needed a dark and shiny effect. Most of the water colour techniques were done by applying water on the paper first and then applying the colour afterwards so that it spreads nicely without drying out. Using this technique also helps water colours to blend easily without leaving stains. An important technique while using colour pencils is to press extremely hard, so that objects look more realistic since there are no white spots left that are uncoloured. This space was designed from scratch so I used new techniques to design a space where all furniture and layout suit each other.

Meaning: This piece shows an opened space that is a cottage or could possibly be a clubhouse. It gives a cozy feeling in a cold winter which is what a cottage does. The space is huge so it could fit a very big group of people or several relatives or even a small family that want a big space for them.

"Toronto City Hall"

"Toronto City Hall", 2016, marker and conte, 25"x 16"

Technique: First I started off by sketching a picture I took of the city hall using pencil. I used cool grey markers 1,3,5,7 and 9. By using the right shade and perfectly blending them in, The city hall looked complete. In the end I used white conte for details, highlights and very bright places such as the sky and windows which reflect the sunlight. I also used the fine tip sharpie for detailed lines and extremely dark places. The biggest challenge I went through was trying to give glass a transparent effect. I believe that the techniques I used for the glass really worked which was an accomplishment. All I had to do was to draw the background and then layer it up with the reflection.

Meaning: The reason behind this piece was to represent where I am from. I was born and mostly raised in Toronto. The City Hall is the heart of Toronto so I took a unique shot that included the important parts of the City Hall and made it into an art piece of my own. I am very proud of my city which gave me motivation to apply my skills fully, to the best.

"Dancing Iris"

"Dancing Iris", 2016, conte and chalk, 27"x20"

Technique: this was my first time using chalk to make such a detailed piece of art, especially an organic piece. But it was a great experience and I will definitely use it again. The difference between chalk and pencil is that with pencil, every detail is drawn and shaded effectively meanwhile with chalk, no drawing is required. All I had to do was apply chalk on darker places and blend it to lighter spots. Giving the flower form by showing negative and positive space using the black and white chalk. White chalk was mainly used for extreme highlights in the end. For more contrast in darker places, chalk was used with more force so it blends less. Black conte was used for the background so that the main object pops out. To give the flower more life, water drops were added, drawing water drops was the most fun part as I learned a new technique making the drops look realistic and see through by adding reflection effects with appropriate shading.

Meaning: This piece is dedicated to my mom. Her favourite flower is Iris flowers. So I decided to bring her favourite flower to life by giving it movement. The texture of the flower looks as if a dancer is wearing a long dress, letting it flow with its dance moves which are very peaceful and calming. It also looks very organic and fresh as it is a flower that has a lot of movement. Also, instead of drawing a field of iris flowers, I zoomed into one as it expressed how special this flower is to my mom so I wanted to give her the prettiest out of all.

"Bulguksa Temple"

"Bulguksa Temple", 2016, paper cutting, 8.5"x11"

Technique: This was the most interesting and fun art piece I have made so far. It gave me patience and dedication. I learned how to handle cutting small pieces of paper without ripping them apart. The most important technique used was to distinguish between negative and positive space. That was the whole point of this assignment in my opinion. Without knowing where negative and positive space is, this piece would’ve been impossible to make, but I think I did it pretty well. Being able to cut properly was very important as well, to make sure there is the least amount of fiber popping out and making sure every piece of paper is connected to each other and the border.

Meaning: This piece takes me back to my childhood in Korea where I made the best memories. Gyeongju was one of the locations that I will never forget. The temple was beautiful both in and out. This piece represents my mother’s land, South Korea. South Korea has several beautiful tourist attractions and in my opinion, the best ones are the historical temples all over the country. I believe I`ve visited the most important ones and will definitely visit them again.

"Mr. Bean"

"Mr. Bean", 2016, clay and over glaze, 8.5"x11"

Technique: I showed form by applying darker and lighter shades to places that needed shade and highlights. I made my slab look more 3D by adding effective form and building up clay so that it slightly sticks out of the slab. I also made sure all parts of the face were proportional as I refereed to the anatomy of a person's face. I used detail colours to enhance the skin tone and make the sculpture look as realistic as possible. the only tool I used was a wire tool to scrape off clay, I felt more comfortable using my hands to control the shape of my sculpture. First, I scraped off clay to make the slab as thin as possible and then I attached clay using the slip and score method. This was my first time making a sculpture using clay, I would probably have more confidence the next time I make a sculpture and use smarter techniques.

Meaning: The person i chose to sculpt is Mr. Bean. I remember watching his movies, shows and cartoons everyday as a child. My day would be complete after having a good laugh thanks to him. He is the funniest person I've ever seen so far which shows how powerful he is. He has a unique way of sending a message to the audience. He never uses any words but only face expressions so anyone around the world will understand his gag.

"NYC Ice cream Truck"

"NYC Ice cream Truck", 2016, colour pencil and pencil, 13"x 18"

Technique: I used normal HB and 2B pencils to sketch all the buildings and the truck. The darker places required as high as 8B. I followed vanishing points by using a ruler to be as exact as possible with straight and neat lines. I mixed colour pencils and water colour pencils for the colourful part. This was the first time I used water colour pencils and it was very interesting how a colour pencil dissolved in water and blended with other colours as well. It gave a water colour effect, but just darker and a more solid look, so it didn’t look washed off. It was a fun experience but I wouldn’t use this technique unless I there is no choice as it was difficult to control.

Meaning: I went to New York for 4 days during the month of May. What I realized was how busy and hectic the city was. Everyone was in a rush heading to their destination and felt very lost as a tourist to see all these people that look very ignorant to how beautiful the city is. As I was walking down the bustling street I noticed an ice-cream truck and it captured my attention. I realized that the truck was the only peaceful and joyful thing I’ve seen as I walked through the streets. It made me connect the truck to children and the crowded streets to adults. Just like children, the truck gave out colour, creativity and happiness. But the background shows a more depressing and dull side which represents adults.

Cover Image: Michelangelo. "The Creation Of Adam by Michelangelo." Fine Art America. Web. 13 Jan. 2017.

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