The Muscles used in Volleyball By: Chloe Pangelinan

There are a lot muscles that are used in the game of volleyball. In this picture there is a girl blocking. She is using her calf muscles, hamstrings, glutes, hip flexers, and quadriceps. All of the muscles are used to jump higher and faster.

The muscles that are used when passing are quite similar to the ones used when blocking. You use your quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings, and calves, but you also use your forearms to connect with the ball and get a good pass. The biceps also come into play when passing

There are many different type of serves in the game of volleyball. All of the serves use the same muscles are used, some just more than others. They use all of the muscles in your body. From the bicep to the calves. There is the latissimus dorsi muscles, these muscles run down the middle of your back from the shoulder blades to your waist. It is used to stabilize your body. When doing a serve from the ground the leg muscles aren't used as much but when you do a jump server you use your leg muscles to jump higher and then you bicep and tricep to swing faster and have the ball move a lot faster with a whole lot more force.

When setting you use every muscle just like serving. The calf muscles and hamstrings to jump. The latissimus dorsi muscles for balance and posture. The biceps, triceps, and deltoids are all used. The wrists "catch" the ball to keep it in control. The arm muscles help to push the ball up and out, the faster the arms are moved the faster the ball is pushed. The back muscles help for stabilization when on the ground. The leg muscles are used to jump and get to the ball faster, they also help with pushing the ball.

When hitting the muscles that are used even more than before would be the be the biceps and triceps. Again the leg muscles come into use when they do their approach for hitting. They jump as high as they can and then swing their arm as fast as they can to get a fast hit.

There are many possible risks that come with playing volleyball. When playing this game there are many possible injuries that you can get. It can go from tearing your ACL to pulling the tendons in your fingers. There are many knee, ankle, and shoulder injuries within this game and many take some time to recover from. There is also the possibility of bruises and floor burns when playing. Some of the injuries even result to scaring of the skin. There are multiple injuries that can cause you to not be able to play that game anymore.

There are ways to prevent these injuries. Like proper stretching to make the possibility of pulling a muscle smaller. - Joints and Muscles used in volleyball.

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