Project II: Storyboard

Close up of Fitz's letter.
Jay corroborates address. Extreme Wide Shot.
The door is open. Close-up of Jay opening the door.
The place is a mess, there are bottles of alcohol all over the place. Fitz is not in the house. Wide Shot.
Jay, again, tries to contact his friend. No luck. Medium shot.
Jay decides to act. He removes the Florida Map that is hanging on the wall. Medium shot.
Fitz's computer has no password. Jay accesses it. Over the Shoulder.
Jay goes through Fitz's contacts. Close-up of the screen.
He maps out all the contact addresses that may know something about Fitz. Close up of the map.
He sets out to find some clues. He leaves a note for Jay in case he comes back. Medium or wide shot.
No idea of where Fitz could be. Point of View
No clue. POV
No clue. POV
No trace. POV
Jay is unable to find his friend. He doesn't even have a clue of where Fitz may be. He is inconsolable, anxious and angry at himself. Wide shot. Dolly zoom.
Jay loses it. He leaves. Wide shot.
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Jesus Grisanti

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