Art Director: determining the visual style and personality of a project, publication, or brand. By: maycie atteberry

Salary in TX

starting pay: the bottom 10 percent make an average of $45,060 per year

average salary: $85,610 per year

maximum pay: the best 10 percent paid make about $168,040 per year

Skills, Talents, Abilities, Qualities

1) strong imagination

2) creativity

3) aesthetic judgement

4) communicating well with others

5) time management skills

Education Requirements

- Bachelor's degree

- develop strong speaking skills in English class and take electives such as graphic arts and photography to see if you're interested

- none in general, just at least a Bachelor's degree

Colleges & Universities

Florida State University-$6,507 for residents

University of Oregon-$26,443 for residents

Personal Reflection

1) How do you feel about this job now, compared to before completing this project? I am way more interested than I was before. I want to learn even more about it because it seems like an adventurous job to have.

2) What 3 things do you like best about the job you researched? I feel like I would always have fun. It doesn't seem like it would be boring at any point.

3) What 3 things do you like least about the job you researched? It's a really broad job so there are many ways to get into it and that could be stressful trying to figure out which suits me the most.

4) Name 3 things that you learned about this occupation that you did not know before. *you don't only have to work at an art museum. *you can be an art director that places art on the inside of houses or businesses. *you can be in media art, not just paintings.

5) Are you interested in pursuing a career in this occupation? Why or why not? Yes, I am. I'm not the type of person to do an ordinary job and being an art director doesn't seem ordinary at all. I feel like I could make it fun but work effectively at the same time.


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