Shakespeare Unit Andi Schutz, Rachel Hawn, Josey Sands

This week we are going to . . . be diving into Shakespeare. We are going to talk about the history of Shakespeare, the era he lived in, and what his writings entailed. It is important to read the directions for each day this week, the days are listed below.

"Our fate is not within the stars, it is within ourselves." - William Shakespeare

Before class on Monday- Prior to the start of class on Monday watch the video below. Be sure to pay attention because we will be using facts about Shakespeare's life in our activity for Monday. Also, be sure to watch the entire video. *If the video does not work, click on it.* See you on Monday!

Before class on Tuesday: click the button above and watch the Prezi about the three genres used by Shakespeare. The first part of the Prezi will be a good review over the our lesson yesterday. I really want you to focus on the three genres, how they were used, and his most influential works.

In class on Tuesday: The class will split up into three groups. Station 1 will be with me. Station 2 will follow that Station 2 button below and individually fill out a google form. Station 3 will be a group station. Follow the Station 3 button below and fill out the google form.

In class Wednesday: We will begin with a short discussion about the language of Shakespeare. The two things we will learn about today are 1) iambic pentameter, and 2) puns and insults. After our short lesson, we will break up into two groups. Group 1 will click on the button below to individually answer a google form. Group 2 will watch the two short videos below as a group and then play a kahoot game.

Before Class on Thursday: Prior to the start of class on Thursday look over the Prezi presentation below. The Prezi will cover common Shakespearean characters.

Before Class on Friday: Gather all of your notes from this week and bring them to class because we will be using them to create our Shakespeare Survival Guide. You will have the entire class on Friday to create your guide and you can use any format that you would like (video, sketch note, paper booklet). The purpose of creating this guide is so you can refer back to it as we read the play to assist you. An example Survival Guide is below.

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