Queen Elizabeth I By:PaIge Murphy

Queen Elizabeth I was one of England's most popular and successful monarchs. Elizabeth was born in London on September 7, 1533. Queen Elizabeth claimed the thrown at 25 and ruled for 45 successful years. Elizabeth kept England in ascendant through wars and political and religious happenings. She accomplished many things during her reign

Elizabeth's parents were King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. King Henry had Anne beheaded when Elizabeth was a young child. Her mother was beheaded for being unfaithful in her marriage but they were false charges. So Elizabeth was raised in a separate household away from the royal court. Elizabeth was a gifted child that loved school.

Elizabeth was a gifted student in academics. She had an English scholar to teach her. The English scholar educated her about being a future monarch. Elizabeth learned to speak Greek, Latin, French, and Italian. Elizabeth was very strong minded.

Elizabeth ruled for 45 years since she was 25. She was a strong minded queen . Elizabeth was not a stubborn queen she listened to her people. Elizabeth was devoted to land. Elizabeth never even married because she feared her husband would take her power. So instead Queen Elizabeth said she was married to the people.

Elizabeth's next achievement is she brought sports, music, dancing, pageantry, masques, and plays. Elizabeth loves all things the people loved. Elizabeth could even play the virginals and the lute. She loved plays and created the atmosphere responsible for the flourishing of the literary masterpieces like William Shakespeare.

Elizabeth's last achievement was she strengthened Englands economy with trade and commerce. Elizabeth authorized trade in Africa, Asia, and America. She also funded sea exploration. Because of funding sea exploration England gained a foothold on North America. The navy defeated the Spanish Armada.

Queen Elizabeth was devoted to her country. She was a determined woman but she was not stubborn. She always listened to her peoples opinions. She put her country before herself and her love life. When Elizabeth passed away she left England as one of the most powerful and strongest countries in the world.

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