Finnish food joel 9c

Food in finland is very different then nother countrys. food is healty and very easy to do. Finnish food is very close to nature and homemade with organic taste. One of the most popular food in finland is ruisleipä it’s brown bread with full of good greadins and vitamins and it’s taste very good. Potatoes and grill food are very popular too in summer time cause people like to grill in summer very much. In finnish food cultur have drinks also, that means alcohol and different kind of juice.

All around the world people knows finnish humans like to drink alcohol very much, for example booze, beer and homemade drinks that are hard stuff. Finland have lots of foods for days that are on special days. We have sima, kalakukko, salmiakki and mämmi. Mämmi is food that finnish people eats in easter. It’s looks like porridge but its dark brown stuff that looks like poop and taste wierd, but still people eats that. In finland soops are also very popular. Most of the familys eats soop every week for example fishsoop.

Like i said finnish food is very different then nother countrys, for example mexico. Mexican food is very hot and salty and in Finland food is very basic and none spice. There is also nother countrys that foods are very different, but i don’t know very well nother countrys food culture. Finland has taken it’s food culture from nother countrys long time ago and growed it on their own cultur that has lived in my lifetime and it’s gone live for years.


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