Art Portfolio By John Bailey 2017

This school year I decided to join art because it was a passion of mine. I was struggling really badly with shading and 3D drawings. When my dad was younger, he used to draw these amazing pieces, and I thought they were awesome. I was hoping that I could learn, and be a better drawer like my dad. And I did, I learned how to shade this year which I was thrilled to see myself transform my old talents into my new ones.

My upside down horse drawing

This was a really cool experience to not be thinking about what I am drawing and more about what I'm doing. I wasn't worried about drawing a horse but a pattern of lines.

Blind hand drawing

This was an interesting experiment, to see that I can still make the shape of a hand without having to actually be watching what I'm drawing. I made a hand out of memory and feeling.

My negative and positive space drawing

My negative space drawing was really, one of my favorites to draw. It allowed me to first start seeing what I was capable of and of course what I could work on. I learned a lot during this time of art, because I was learning how to shade and make things look more realistic.

my first hand drawing

In this drawing I literally finished it 25 minutes, I didn't even look a picture up. I here didn't know how to shade or even how to act like i did.

My second hand drawing

This drawing had a lot more value and time put into it. It really captured all of the shadows and wrinkles in my hand. I was a lot more proud of this drawing because I gave a better effort. I really improved on shading and the lighting placements.

My profile drawing

Now this drawing really woke me, it reminded me that artist don't always succeed up to their expectations. This drawing wasn't definitely my worst in my life, but it was one the of ones that I just didn't like how it turned out. It still taught me things I could work on and how to draw the side of humans (conner's) face, much better.

My stippling drawing

I enjoyed this drawing a lot because it really taught me the patience of a artists drawing, having to wait how it turned out killed me but it was worth it. I think think the value in the shoe turned out pretty good and just the overall picture as well.

My still life drawing

My still life drawing was fun to see how I would shape a real life image to a real life drawing. It turned out good but I still feel I could've done better according to the new skills I've gathered through out the year.

My stippling drawing was a sweet adventure, it was cool to make a drawing with only lines and patience, a lot of patience. It turned out well in my opinion and I'm glad I got the opportunity to draw this cat.

My 2 point perspective drawing

This drawing was hard for me but it still taught me a lot about the different perspectives in life and in a drawing. I could have done better, I wish I spent some more time on the background, I felt it would of helped shape the image more. The points on my drawing were really helpful for designing this piece, I just wish I could've done a better job.

My self portrait drawings before and after

Now this was my proudest piece I was so happy to see everything fit into one drawing, and capture it all one moment as well. I loved seeing the transformation. I wish I spent some more time on the hair and the ears and the eyes, but I'm still really happy with how it turned out

Ribbon drawing

The ribbon piece was a nice creative way of ending the semester for me, it could have turned out better but it wasn't anything to complicated and I'm really happy this was the one you picked for the last project.

Here are some bonus drawings

Bat man drawing
Room drawing
Oreo ice cream zentangled

I am glad I had you Mrs. Kemppainen, you really gave me a new perspective of not just my art but also of myself, thank you for a great semester, and all of the wonderful tips. I had an amazing experience with all of these drawings I myself would never would have tried to draw.

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