Physical Therapists By: Tyler jachimski

Pain Point: People need help to recover from injuries or traumatic events and come back healthier and stronger than ever.

These are all forms of technology that patients are using. (From left to right: "Hand of Hope", Phzio, Zero-Gravity Treadmill)
  • The "Hand of Hope" is a way to help people recover from the loss of use of their hands.
  • Phzio is a form of telehealth that allows patients and physical therapists to communicate and recover from the comfort of each other's homes.
  • The Zero Gravity Treadmill reduces gravity impact on your lower body to recover with less pain and reduce stress. This is used primarily for lower body injuries.
This chart shows the expected growth of physical therapist employment by 2024.

I picked physical therapy because it hits my pain point that people need recovery. I like to see people overcome their hardships and when people help them do that, it speeds up their recovery and they come back even stronger. I want to be one of these people that help others recover so they can go back to the people they were.

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