Medically Assisted Suicide Hailey Connor

Personally I believe assisted suicide should be legalized across America if the patient is terminally ill, despite potential ethical and religious concerns that arise.
The practice of euthanasia gives physicians too much power, therefore only assisted suicide should be legalized. The reason assisted suicide should be legalized is because at least 57% of doctors have been asked to perform and assisted suicide and patients should be allowed to go through with it if they so choose (Physician-Assisted Suicide – Introduction).
As stated by Welsh 2017 the medical care system has gone through great lengths to prolong the life of humans, including the terminally ill. Welsh also states that for every 1 year increase in life expectancy only 20% of it will be quality life and the rest will either be spent in a hospital or with the quality of life significantly reduced.
usWhen the topic of assisted suicide is discussed several red flags are raised. All of which can be combated very simply. The first issue is the belief that assisted suicide reduces the sacredness of life. The second being that using assisted suicide could lead to a slippery slope of misuse based off of historical events. The final being adverse affects on the family and performing physicians (BBC - Ethics - Euthanasia: Anti-Euthanasia Arguments).
Research studies have shown that there are physicians willing to perform these procedures, and they should be allowed to do so if they elect to do so (Cohen 1994). Studies also show that families react better to assisted suicide than traditional suicide methods, which is why it should be allowed (Brody 1995).
There are also religious concerns that arise when discussing assisted suicide. The first religious concern is that it goes against the will of God. The second religious concern is that suffering will bring you closer to God because he suffered for us to have eternal life (BBC - Ethics - Euthanasia: Anti-Euthanasia Arguments). Both of these concerns can be combated with one piece of scripture which states "Do not judge, or you too will be judged..." (Matthew 7:1 NIV)
One final reason that assisted suicide should be allowed is that there are laws in place to ensure that no foul practice occurs.


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