Senior Superlatives Class of 2018

Most likely to be seen on Sports Center

Anthony Barnes Jr. would like to thank God first, his family, his friends, and his coaches.

Anthony will be going to Guilford College.

Most likely be principal after Dr. Kearney

Renee will be attending UNCW to study business information technology.

Most likely to win a Oscar,Grammy, or Tony

Daisy Bingham would like to thank Ms. Copley, her parents, my voice teacher, and my wonderful friends.

Daisy will be attending BYU Idaho for a year and then transferring to Hawaii.

Most likely to become a comedian

Manny Broadway would like to thank his mom.

Manny plans to take classes at Wake Tech next year.

Most likely to win the lottery and lose the ticket

"I'd like to thank my parents and obviously God because he was the one who gave me this memory."

Laura Rabb will be attending Appalachian State University next year.

Most likely to win a rap battle

Asher Queen would like to thank the whole music industry.

Asher will attend ECU next year.

Most likely to be the CEO of Fortune 500

Dawson Duguid would like to thank his CTE teachers, parents, and friends.

Dawson will be attending UNCW next year to study Business Communications.

Most likely to be late to graduation

Grace Recavarren would like to thank Starbucks for providing her coffee every morning and Ms. Barrett for always yelling/reminding her to be on time.

Grace will be attending Carnegie Melon University.

Most likely to never leave Apex, NC

"I would like to thank my parents for raising me in the best town ever."

Claire Garner will be attending NC State to study Elementary Education.

Most likely to have their own reality TV Show

Kevin Conroy will be attending NC State to study Statistics.

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