#MaskUpMKE What Does Your Mask Say About You?

#WhatDoesYour MaskSayAboutYou?

One of the hurdles for many people to start wearing masks is self-consciousness and pride. They're concerned that people will look at them, or that they will appear neurotic or hypochondriacal. And god forbid if they're the only one - or one of only a few – in a mask. We can reach these people.

This concept addresses the "what will people think of me" angle. It gives the audience a personal justification for wearing a mask – and it portrays mask-wearers as confident, smart, and self-aware, as well as responsible and caring. We're encouraging people to not only wear a mask, but to own it. Maybe even customize it. This campaign could also provide a strong opportunity to build sponsorships (see below).

Here are the starter ideas. Images may be straight on photos of faces in masks – or be shot at various angles in different settings.

Printed mask other options

I want things to open up soon! This helps.

Cool under cover.

The Force is with me.

My eyes and my heart are my best feature.


Photoshop or Printed (based on social engagement)

If a masks receives 250 likes we will sell them and drop ship them to you *subcontracted through a social cause fulfillment center/warehouse"