Securely SharE a Student Spark Page A tutorial for teachers and school leaders.

your student just created an amazing spark page!

As the teacher or school leader, you want to share it on the school's social media page or on a website. (Assuming you have the permission to do so!)

but wait...

If the student provides the published link, the student can change the content at any time, making your social media or website post vulnerable.

the solution:

Step 1: Have the student share the Spark page with you.

The student will use the "Invite" button to share.

Step 2: In your account, find the student's project in the "Shared with You" section.

Take note of the "Invite" icon in the bottom left corner, which now indicates the project is shared with multiple people.

Step 3: Duplicate the student's project.

Hover over the top right corner of the project until you see the triple dots.

Step 4: Return to "Your Projects" where you will find a copy of the student's Spark page.

Notice that the "Inviite" icon no longer shows shared ownership.

Step 5: Publish the link and feel secure in knowing that others cannot manipulate the information on the page once the link has been shared publicly.

* NOTE: Please consider giving credit to the student / student group in some manner, as the authorship will come from the account it is published from.

Created By
Sara Cubberley


Created with images by Andras Vas - "untitled image" • Robert Katzki - "untitled image"