Snow Leopard (Panthera Uncia) By Wyatt Vandusen

Snow leopard are not a violent species; humans take advantage of this. Humans sell the Snow Leopard for circus purposes. Also this animal is used for "Spare Parts" for Chinese tigers.

Nap Time

In 1981 Helen Freeman founded the oldest conservation group for protecting the Snow Leopard. Since 1981 this group has caught 180 poachers.

More food

The range of it's territory is 36 square miles and there prey that are terrestrial vertebrates. Therefore this is the only interaction these animals see.

Humans are killing off the population so fast that they are endangered and at a higher risk of being poached. This is because of there unique fur and there bones.

Solution: Make a reserve for the Snow Leopard and put guards to protect these creatures.

Dark blue is the territories


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