Fenway Park By: Katrina

The baseball stadium in Boston is called Fenway Park. This baseball par was built in 1912 and it only took one year to build. The first game played at Fenway park was the Red Sox and the New York Highlanders. It cost 650,000 to build Fenway park in 1912. They called it Fenway park because it is in the Fenway section of Boston. When the stadium was opened 27,000 fans attended. JFK grandfather threw the first pitch.

In the beginning Fenway parks use to allow apartment tenants to watch the games for free from there apartments and then they built the green wall ( The green monster ) so people couldn't watch the games for free . There is also a seat that is red and that is where the farthest home run was hit in the late 1900's . There is also a statue in front of Fenway representing team members. The statue is called 'The teammates' because if you think of one person you always think about the other teammates.

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