Tour of the Harn Art Museum Kerry thomas

For this piece that I saw at the Harn art museum, I immediately noticed the beauty and detail. This is not something I would be able to fully notice if I were simply looking at the image online. The piece itself was much bigger than what is pictured, and the attention to detail was spot on. All of the work was done by hand and with one mistake the statue would crumble to the ground. Making the viewer really appreciate the skill it took from the artist and it made me feel very humble at the talent the man or women has displayed. Seeing this in person was the only way for me to make these connections.
The Harm art museum was full of amazing works from some amazing people. Yet, some of the best work the often goes unnoticed was the architecture and layout of the building. Since my dad is an architect the first thing i noticed was the great design of the building, and when i walked in the layout was perfect and very well thought out. The rooms were laid out by the genre of art that was in them. This set different moods and tones for every room which was both interesting and exciting. My favorite of all the rooms was the abstract art. The works in this room were very interesting and I often thought, " who the heck could have thought of this?". What I liked so much about this exhibit was the art itself. The pieces were so creative and it seemed like whoever made them generally had fun doing so.
This is a portrait from the Harn of a member of the guerrilla girls. They are a feminist movement that mixes humor and raw facts to prove a point. I feel strongly about them because although some feminist movements go a little overboard, these people make a legitimate case (and the masks are hilarious). The art makes me feel motivated to help everyone on this earth equality, and especially women, because I want my little sister to have the same opportunities that I did while growing up and venturing into the outside world. This movement helps me understand that no matter what it is never okay to put yourself above others in this world and that we all have a purpose on this earth.
This work of art is what I interpreted to be recycled modern garbage. This is relatable to the Good Life and the theme that we need to protect our environment and our neighbors. The specific Good Life theme that this work touches on is Sharing the Good Life. The work embodies this theme because if we cannot keep the surrounding environment clean and healthy we take away the beauty and resources that were given to every human at birth. This makes me appreciate my beautiful environment and want to help in efforts to make it clean and keep it clean. It is everyones responsibility to go out and enjoy the nature that we were all gifted, but it is also our job to preserve and protect it for future generations.

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