The Train Ride By raayan

When Terrence and his mom made it to their place they saw a lot of people and they went in to a crowd of people. When they got close to the front,they got there and they waited for 5 min. After that they saw a lot of men in black suits behind them there was 2 people. The people's name were Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. They got up on the stage and stared talking about how they can make America a better place.Terrence was getting bored he just started doing stuff on his phone. After a little bit he heard a loud sound of something blowing up. Then Donald Trump fainted and then Hillary Clinton fainted too. The people in the black suits got them and went to the back of the stage. Everybody started running. Terrence and his mom ran to the train. When they got in they saw everybody panicking some of them were crying.They saw the a lot of cars pass by,one flipped in to a gas station that one was carrying Hillary Clinton. The people on the train were very scared and then the train went faster. I knew what was going on, the men in black had abducted the president Trump and Hillary Clinton. I knew I had to act so I looked down at the floor and I found a pair scissors and I shuffled to the window. I searched for the car and when I found it I threw the lethal tool at the car's tires the car flipped and crashed.I was so foolish that the car had carried Trump so therefore I kill Trump. Oppsy daisy,I killed the wrong person so I sat downwards on the seat and pretended nothin happend.


Created with images by tpsdave - "japan train locomotive" • - "rageface_happy_omega_troll_face"

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