Your content that you create/post on a daily basis is one of the most important parts of your brand strategy. It's why you must have part one developed completely, first. You must understand who you are, your look & message to create that daily content. Your content connects directly to your voice. So if you understand your message, content creation becomes much easier to develop. Especially to those who struggle with content creation. Those who struggle with creating daily posts can get more help in the Influence Masterclass. There, I teach the strategy that I use to create stories based on my story, using Adobe Spark. You can take that class by clicking below.

Think about your content strategy. What is your message? What is your voice? What is your story? How can you connect that to your overall brand message every day to make offers related to what your audience needs, wants, and desires (NWD)?

I use Planoly to schedule all of my content. Now, you can take Planoly and Auto Schedule, which was a missing piece! You can achieve many things with Planoly.

1. Use the discover feature to find new content to post.

Click the plus sign to add content.

Choose the Discover option

Search users or hashtags to look through for content. Tap it to highlight, and then add all of the ones you'd like all at once. This is a great way to curate content, upload it, move it around to plan, add hashtags, and then schedule it to auto post.

Content is all about reaching the right person first. You can search through the hashtags of the visuals you find using Planoly. Just think, the people using visuals that speak to you are most likely within your target audience. There's a good chance that they are! So, check out their engagement. Are they getting likes and comments? Investigate the person who's interacting with them and see if they fit your target audience.

When you're planning what to post, you want to consider three things:

1. What do you want to sell?

Most people on IG are using the spaghetti method - throwing posts at the wall and hoping that something inspires someone somewhere to go to their website and buy SOMETHING.

That's kinda like throwing a dart into a crowded venue and hoping the person you hit is marriage material.

Instead, what you want to do is plan to post about what you want to sell. What key products do you want to talk about this month?

Think about your content for the month... (pick 2 or 3 to focus on). For the month, think about how you will tell stories to attach to those topics, those products.

2. Why do YOU love those products?

Make a list of the ten reasons you love the product(s) you chose in step 1.

If I were to write these about a fab lash growing product, I would write:

1. Lashes make me feel flirty.

2. My boyfriend loves long lashes.

3. Long lashes make my makeup look so much more professional.

4. When I have great lashes, I feel hot in jeans and a tee.

5. Long lashes make it easier to not have to layer on so much mascara.

6. Long lashes make me look better on camera.

7. Long lashes remind me of old Hollywood movie stars (my fashion icons).

8. Long lashes are unique - not everyone has them.

9. Long lashes make me feel like I'm wearing falsies everyday.

10. Long lashes save me time and money on buying fake lashes.

3. Tell STORIES each day, weaving in the reasons you love the product.

Also, tell stories that are NOT about the product. For every one product-based story, you should have TWO non-product based stories about your LIFE. Why? Because people don't care about the products until they care about YOU.

The goal with even the product-based stories is to make it feel like it's NOT about the product. It's about you.

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