Exhibit 4 post test analysis

Study and Test Taking Plan

My plan to study for my next test will be almost exactly the same as my strategies for my second stat exam. On the second stat test I earned the highest grade I have ever gotten in any math or stat course. There are a few different things that I did differently for this test than I have done in the past. For this test in particular I began studying about three weeks in advance. For the first test, I started studying about a week prior to the test date and although I passed the test, I realized I should have started studying much sooner. So on the second exam I did do that and it greatly improved my test results. Not only did I start studying further in advance, but I also set up dates and times and started my own stat study sessions. I planned on going to a quiet place with a friend and working on stat assignments and homework every Monday and Wednesday at 9:00 a.m. immediately after class. Also we would meet on Sunday afternoons to complete the weekly quiz. So not only did I allow myself more time to prepare, but I also made my study habits more organized. I believe that was the biggest help to me, I desperately needed that. Also, on my first exam I did not actually understand all of the homework problems or even complete all of the homework assignments. But on the second test, I went to the "homework help hours" on the third floor of Martin and had a lab instructor walk me through all of the homework problems I did not understand. And that as well greatly improved my understanding of the material which in turn greatly improved my test results. So going forward, between tests one and two I learned what study and test preparation habits do and do not work for me. For my next stat exam I will begin studying about three weeks in advance. Just to be safe and make sure I can get organized and not leave out any material that I need to know for the test. As far as my study time goes, I will study with the same frequency and on the same schedule as I did for my second test - every Monday, Wednesday and Sunday afternoon - to make sure I am ready for my exam but not be overloaded by stat and with this method I won't have to cram the morning of the test. During the next test, I will employ the same strategies as I did on the first two, I would not change anything there. I will continue to take my time, work slowly, think everything through, not leave any questions blank, and fully elaborate on the essay questions. Not to brag, but I think I do those things very well. On my first test I earned a sixty five, on my second test I earned an eighty three (pictured above). I went from D grade work to B grade work simply by changing a few simple study habits and investing a little bit more time into the course and preparation. I plan to keep these practices going for my next test and, of course, the final exam as well.

During my visit with Mrs. May Cui, I was relieved to know exactly where I lost points and why. Mrs. May is my lab instructor as well as a grading assistant for the Stat 2300 tests. Every week twice a week her and I work on all of my stat homework together like I previously mentioned in Martin room 304. We have a very good student-teacher relationship and she is extremely knowledgeable and always willing to help. She is also easier to get in contact with than my lecture instructor Dr. Christy Brown who only has one office hour every week while I'm in another class. We did not go over the entire test mostly because there was no need to, but instead we just went over each of the questions I got wrong. The test is composed of multiple choice and free response questions. The multiple choice questions are worth three points a piece and the free response questions vary from eight to eleven points a piece. I only got one multiple choice question wrong out of twenty. Also, out of the four free response questions I earned twenty two out of thirty nine points. Which is what Mrs. May and I went over the most during our meeting. On my test paper she correctly worked out the problem and / or showed me what I did wrong. She very thoroughly went through each question I lost points on and elaborated on each one until I understood where I messed up. Our meeting lasted about twenty minutes because I didn't get too many points taken off so we didn't have to talk long.

Reflections of my Post - Test Analysis

Overall, I believe that Mrs. May and I made very good progress during our meeting and she very clearly communicated to me where I messed up and lost the most points. Somehow, I did not make any careless mistakes or leave any questions absolutely blank. So where I lost points was just if I honestly had no idea how to answer the question being asked. In my eyes, the only way that I could fix that is just to study more than I did. I would get to a certain step in the question and my mind would just go blank as if I knew it but just couldn't recall the right information. By no means do I think an eighty three is a bad grade, I am totally happy with my grade but there is always room for improvement. Maybe on the next test I can shoot for an A, and it might actually be attainable.

STAT 2300 Test 2

The photo above very accurately depicts what I talk about in my reflection. Number four part A, I only got half credit because I left out a few numbers. I got the answer right, but just got a few bits and pieces wrong or left off completely. On part B, I got the graph and visual representation right but could not get the math portion right because I could not recall the right formula to use. Also, part A shows part of Mrs. May's explanation as to why I did not get full credit. In the red writing is what I would have needed to write in order to get all of my points. I now know what to expect for my next test and I hope I only improve, I was very satisfied with the results of my test and my meeting with the professor.

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