Genndy Tartakovsky the Greatest Animator

1.Genndy was born January 17 1970, Moscow Russia

2.His father Boris Worked as a dentist for the sovit government and his mother Miriam, was an assistant principal at a school.

3.He also has a brother, Alexander, who is two years older and currently a computer consultant in Chicago

4.Before his family move to United states, they first move to Italy where he lived next to a german family. There, Tartakovsky says he was first drawn to art, inspired by a neighbor's daughter.

5.As his family move to the united states, they first settle in Ohio, and later move to chicago

6.Originally Genndy was going to take Busness class but was late to sign in , so he study filming in Columbia College Chicago later move to Los Angeles California Institute of art and learning animation

7.In CalArts he made friends with Rob Renzetti and Craig McCracken which means they know each other

8.His career as an animator he work on shows such as Batman the animated series, Tiny Toon adventures and the critic

9.He soon create his first Show that he create on cartoon network "Cartoon cartoon" is Dexters Laboratory April 28, 1996

10.His second show he created is samurai jack release in August 10, 2001-September 25, 2004

11.samurai jack won 11 awards, 9 nomination, and 4 emmys

12.His third show is Symbionic Titan September 17, 2010-April 9, 2011

13.He work in sony entertainment, and created Hotel transylvania and Hotel Transylvania 2

14.Genndy left Sony and begun on working on the final season of Samurai Jack coming out March 11th 2017

15.The unique thing of Genndys art style is the appeal and characters

16.He worked on shorts on star wars the clone wars and popeye

1. like Genndy i was inspired by tv and it got me to draw pictures

2. I think of Genndy as well done artist and animator, that we both can do character designs, we have different styles of art and learning experience in art

3. My skills are similar to Genndys art, because of the design and appeal on the characters.

4. This made me feel happy see all the animation he has that were well done and time perfectly.

5. I was inspired by his show samurai jack, because of the action and fighting scenes

6. for what i like about Genndy characters designs that were well develop and unique detales

7.I got excited that Genndy is going to work the final season of Samurai Jack and will have a conculsion

8.I start do drawing, when i watch tv, I start learn art in school and learn to do animation in college

9.Genndy Tartakovsky reminds me of the sketches that i draw as kid

10.This is how I want to be and animator, and how get my inspiration from Genndy shows, as a kid i start watching cartoon shows, and get into animation, I can make any styles of art and make different theme to them

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