Scientific Research Blake Loughran-Class 1-Mr.Fischer-May 13th-Genus:Dasyatis

Adaptation To The Environment: The ability to be well suited to their environment and pass the traits down to their offspring, who will be even more suited to survive in that environment.

Help Wanted : Stingray

Must have these qualities: flat body to lay on the ground without attracting attention. Eyes that can poke out from under the dirt and spot enemies.

Reproduction: The production of offspring by a sexual or asexual process.

Help Wanted : Stingray That Can Reproduce

Must Have Epididymis, Siphon Sac, Vas Deferens, Opisthonephric Duct, Sperm Sac, Urogenital Sinus and Papilla, and Testies.

Growth And Development : The process of increasing in size and using the environment as maturing happens.

Response To Stimuli : The ability to maintain homeostasis and prevent illness through body functions, and adapt to predators.

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Blake Loughran


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