The Great Depression Cailyn Macveigh

This picture shows the conditions of some of the fields after the dust storm, almost all the plants were dried up and not edible. The loose dusty soil made it very hard for the farmers to find any good soil to plant or grow greens in to sell.

A lot of civilians went into unemployment after the Great Depression started. It was very difficult for people to make money in order to support their families. Most were not able to pay for a full house to live in, and had to do what this family did by living in a tent or on the streets.

Many people lost all the money they had. Banks were hurt as well. People who had borrowed money from banks were unable to pay it back.

Some people who had access to music tried to make their lives during the Great Depression less stressful by playing music while working or maybe just listening for fun. The example song I provided is called ‘Whistle while you work’ and the song was meant to make work a little less boring by listening to a tune.

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