Not being much for jewels authenticated, simulated, or costumed

if I don a bit of bling I usually take it off again

before arrival.

but give me just a glimpse inside another undisguised

the brightest of the lightest light illuminates the gems of soul

in long legged reflections we are seen
Pre-authenticated, un-costumed, un-simulated, the real thing unadorned
Beauty such as this may often go un-seen

Un-witnessed, the gleen of glimpse goes un-reflected

Those fine, rare gems divinely sculpted

Yet fearing inner light detected, squandered, hidden shining intercepted

humility is more respected
don't let yourself be shone
to put ourselves in other's shoes, see through other's eyes
Will we miss the light inside the jewel too many times?

Never learn to help extend reflections when we see them

to lighten other burdens, brighten other lives

Inspired by how they twinkle, completely without shame

This inspiration to no sinner comes

We all must share the blame

for hiding in the first place

for who am I to shine so brightly?.

urging you to do the same.

Vicki Weldon

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Vicki Weldon

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