Descriptive Writing BY DAMIAN

Hi I am Damian Burdock I am thirteen year's old I was born on 12/8/2003 in middle more hospital and moved down to Paeroa when I was two and moved back up to Auckland when I was eight so I lived in Paeroa for six years.I live with my mum and sister

My family has lived in New Zealand for a long time most of my close family where born in middle hospital. All of as a proud to be kiwi when there is a sports game against New Zealand we alway vote for New Zealand.We eat fish and chips a lot.

.My hobby is soccer I really love playing soccer I've been playing soccer since I was four yrs old.I played soccer in three different clubs Paeroa soccer club, Papatoetoe united and South Auckland Ranger.I play for South Auckland Ranger right now for the last 2 years.In my spare time, I play soccer even in morning tea and lunch

When I get older I want to play soccer for Real Madrid or Manchester United.If I play for Real Madrid then I have to move or the way to Spain and if I played for Manchester United then I had to move to England cause they get a lot of money a week.

I go to Papatoetoe high school I just started going there. The Papatoetoe high school logo it means worthy to travel the torch it a man holding the olympiac torch in side a shield.Papatoetoe high is cool but there are some bullies but mostly nice the teachers a really funny like Mr Dada and there are nice teacher

This is my shield I am from New Zealand and my hobby is soccer I really love soccer and when I get older I want to become a famous soccer player and play for Manchester united or Real Madrid so I have to go to Spain or England and cause I go to Papatoetoe high.

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