The Staples Dance club By Chelsea Fox

Staples High School is known for their great athletics. They have sports teams ranging from football to squash where mostly everyone can find something they enjoy. However, they are missing one important component, and that is dance.

Many of the dancers at Staples have their own outside studios that they are involved in. For example, there are studios that are known for being very focused on ballet such as the Westport Academy of dance, studios that are known for their competition teams like the Dance Collective of Westport and Flash Pointe Dance Academy in Fairfield. Each studio has their main focus and have very dedicated students. Therefore, although many students would enjoy being a part of a school team, they would have a hard time committing to yet another team. The past efforts to create a Staples Dance team never worked out because of the intentions of having committed dancers, but the key to having a successful dance outlet at school, is to make it a low involvement club.

A dance club, rather than a dance team, would allow students to take part in an activity they love at school, while still being able to have a commitment to the studio of their choice. “I would enjoy being a part of a school sport because it would give me another friend group,” Meredith Hertan ’19 said.

There have been efforts in the past to start a dance team. This has never worked out because of the dancer’s previous commitments to studios. Another issue with a dance team is you would need someone to run it. “A dance team is great for many obvious reasons, but when trying to start a new one, you need dedicated dancers and coaches who are willing to teach and work with those dancers,” Enrique Alarcon, director of The Dance Collective of Westport, stated. The dance team never went as planned because they needed someone to lead them. A dance club would allow students to work together to create a fun dance combination that does not involve much preparation. All of the dancers can put in their ideas to collectively come up with a choreography they all enjoy.

School sports have many benefits, some that are not seen from outside or club sports. “Students who participate in high school sports learn the benefit of representing their community on the field or court. These athletes learn the fun of team rivalries and revel in the praise of a job well done for their school,” Grace Chen from the Public School Review explained. There is also the social benefit from school sports. “These relationships are essential for mental, emotional and physical health throughout the high school years” Chen said. There are relationships to gain from club sports aswell, but the relationships draw from school sports give you another group of friends at school.

School and team sports create a fun atmosphere where everyone gets excited to represent their school

The Staples community prides itself on the friendly environment it creates. One of the goals of the school is that everyone feels included, and that there is always an inclusive atmosphere. When there is an opportunity for different groups of people to interact with each other, the staff of Staples are enthusiastic to try it. “I think the benefits of a school sport are that you get to make a lot of new friends and learn how to work as a team,” Hertan said when referring to the benefits of school sports.

Dance is a sport with many physical benefits. While dancing, you are strengthening almost every muscle in your body, increasing your balance abilities and your flexibility. “It's important for students to get physical activity because some studies have shown how activity allows your brain to work better in school. If this occurred during the day kids could see increases in their mental ability each day,” Abigail Ross ’19 said.

While dancing, dancers get a rigorous workout that varies with the different types.

The arts are a way for people to express themselves, and dance is no exception. “Dance is an all body, mind and soul, activity. When you are only working your body and making your body stronger and more flexible, your mind gets healthier and your are more balanced with everything. Dance is beautiful, and you can feel it in your heart because it makes you feel good about yourself,” Alarcon added. Dance not only affects your performance, but your mental health.

A dance club would attract students, and reward them with physical and mental benefits. Staples High School’s physical education and sports programs would be benefitted with the addition of dance because more students would join with the knowledge that they are there to have fun and create a positive atmosphere while exercising their bodies and minds.

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