A Cordel of Grace & Gratitude IB Visual Art Year One. A community visual narrative on a line.

Students studied the Brazilian tradition of cordels- roughly translated as literature on a line. In small towns across the northern farmlands, small books adorned with powerful graphic block prints hang from clothes lines. With the spirit of Grace and Gratitude, students were tasked to first find a pose of grace in their body and then attempt to create a depiction of grace in the practice of block printing. Our community Cordel of Grace and Gratitude now hangs in the hallways as a gesture of what we aim to hold throughout this year.

Devon Carlson. 'Peaks and Valleys'

Alia Mogannam. 'Vista'

Chase Walheim. 'Two Hearts'

Maverick Malabey. 'Halo'

Arianna Benton. 'Faces of Joy'

Zeke Noveshen. 'Give Light'

Bridget Mills. 'Holding'

Connor Zanoli. 'Let us Pray'

Kavi Gandhi. 'Hold Space'

Alina Kushner. 'Release'

Darcy Jubb. 'Three'

Madison Wong. 'Bison Roaming Free'

Paige Retajczyk. 'Alas'

Eliza Spaht. 'One Love'