Welcome to Julie Creative Space Our mission is to serve small business owners, reducing their workload and freeing up their time, to focus on their priorities.

Hey there! Giuliana, Founder of Julie Creative Space here. We know that the small business owner's life can get busy, overwhelming and exhausting. #thestruggleisreal

This is why we have created all our services with a clear mission in mind, focused on helping you as a human and business owner. Our gift to you is to free up your agenda, leaving you with more time in your hands to spend on everything that really matters to you, while growing your business.

Think what you can achieve if you would have more quality time in your hands:)

Julie Creative Space is a creative Virtual Assistant Company, focused on deliver specific packages that will be able to kickstart your business and grow, while freeing up your time. We are focused on help you with the daily tasks that must be done for your business, but that consume so much of your time and energy.

Hire a Virtual Assistant is a game changer!


One - off Package to Setup the best System management for you, automating as much as possible, your streamline process.

One - off payment and you will have your system set up and running:)


Having a Blog is important to establish your as an expert in your field

Having a Blog is so important, and high recommend it, right? But honestly how much time you need every day to create new contents, put them on your blog platform and create related social media posts. At the end of the day you can't even remember how many coffee you had. This is was the 4th one, right?

We offer you 3 different Tier for Blog Management and Social Media Management, so you can choose the time and the price that best suits you!

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Instagram Post
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Blog Management and Social Media Packages

What our Customer Says

Thanks Carmen! It is a pleasure work with you:)
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