SABINA CERNAT Photosynthesis and cellular respiration BY, saBina cernat


PHOTOSYNTHESIS IS THE PROCESS IN WHICH A PLANT MAKES FOOD. Water travels up the stEm fRom the roots to the leaves wich have CHLOROPLAST and chlorophYll. with carbon dioxide (co2) that enters through the Stomata in the leaVes and it gets sunlight and that causes it to unbond and rearrange into glucose (c6h12o6) and what is released is oxygen and water.

The plants make oxYgEn for humans and animals which leads us to....


Cellular respiration is the process where humans and animals use oxygen (o2) to breakdown glucose (c6h12o6) to form energy (atp)and water (h2o) for our bodies. We release carBon DIOXIDE (co2).

Plants make oxygen for animals and humans, while humans & animals make co2 for plants.

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