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Who we are!

We are Felix (15) and Lucian (12), two junior performance tennis players who are also brothers - each with the dream to one day become professional tennis players. For that aspiration, we train and play tennis nearly every day. Born and bred in London we have dual nationality being english as well as german.

We are also the world's No.1 junior tennis influencers - with more than 75.000 followers via social & growing the community each year by 50+%.


Our community in numbers

Our social media and web channels

3 examples of how we help brands with our influencing services:

We have been working with international tennis sports brand Bidi Badu since the beginning of 2017.

Under their motto "Life is Bidi Badu" we connect towards Generation Z audiences by showing fun tennis experiences, "behind the scenes" tournament insights and ATP/WTA Coach/Player interviews.

Interview with ATP coach Christoper Kas at the French Open
BIDI BADU YOU TUBE LIVE STREAM in front of Roland Garros
Lucian launching the Bidi Badu Kids collection

In the last 2 years we have created more then 30 million branded impressions, 5 million views and 400.000 engagements for Bidi Badu.

"Via tennis Brothers we are able to connect with hard to reach Generation Z audiences" - Boris Krumm, MD Bidi Badu

Pro:Direct Sport is the worlds leading online supplier for sporting goods. Felix and Lucian are their Tennis Ambassadors.

Pro:Direct Tennis / Nike promo video shoot with Kyle Edmund

In that role they unbox and playtest the latest tennis shoes from major brands like adidas, Nike, Babolat, Asics and others (via You Tube and Instagram).

The most successful You Tube video of this series had more then 560.000 views & 877.000 watch minutes since it's release 10 months ago.

Our fans often ask us for buying advice (sushruth_r12_ in comments )

Throughout 2018, thousands of our fans clicked on the direct Pro:Direct Tennis links that we embedded in all our postings. The social media accounts of Pro:Direct Tennis also see accelerated growth in terms of social media followers.

Wilson is the No. 1 Tennis Brand in the world

We are helping Wilson to create mindshare for all their new rackets towards next generation tennis players as well as their friends and parents.

We are part of the global influencer campaign for the Wilson Clash which is available in February 2019

Every week we create highly engaging content including racket unboxing & playtests, bag checks as well as content covering our tournaments and training experiences.

Showing the WilsonRackets in "action"

We are the trusted voice of our more then 75.000 fans - helping them to make informed buying decisions when it comes to tennis gear.

Lucian unboxing the Wilson Camo set

In 2018 alone we answered more then 100 questions each month as to what racket & strings our fans should buy.

5 good reasons why you should work with us

1. We generate sales by driving new additional traffic to your website.

2. We function as a trusted adviser for your brand. Audiences trust our recommendations more then traditional ads and marketing campaigns.

3. We have authority and influence. 84% of consumers make a purchase after hearing about a product or service via influencer social media – that’s almost 9 in 10 people! Influencers aren’t called influencers for nothing.

4. We are excellent value for money - when compared to traditional advertising and PR activities.

5. We are expert communicators - We live and breathe in the digital space so, we grew our community from zero to 75k. As we grew fast, we developed a knack for digital communication. Therefore, we are excellent at communicating your brand's vision and message in a way that our followers will engage and connect with.

Our 4 Influencer services for you:

Long term brand partnership by which we function as your brand ambassador, creating engaging authentic content & distributing it day in day out via all our social channels (can include all of the below too). Great for reaching new audiences, selling products and services as well as growing your own social media channels.

Competitions and Giveaways - If your campaign goal is more focused on brand awareness, exposure and introducing your target market to your product or service, a competition or giveaway is a great way to start collaborating with us as an influencer - this can also include discount voucher activities.

Social Media Channel takeover - This will drive our followers to your page - the moment we start cross-promoting the collaboration. It's great for content generation and engagement too as we will be very active on your social media channel - e.g. Instagram.

Sponsored Social Media postings - we will create fresh & engaging content and promote it via all our social media channels - making you well known to thousands of new fans or customers.

tennis Brothers Influencer collaborations

Digital Strategy & Marketing services

We are happy to work with brands as well as individual tennis players, coaches, clubs and tennis event organisers.

Our team has more than 20 years of digital marketing experience in B2B & B2C markets.

We conduct Social Media & Website health-checks and/or work with you on launching, optimising your social media channels and/or website.

We help you to optimize your content towards your target groups and can also create engaging content for you.

Sound good?

Get in touch with our media representatives to begin a conversation.


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