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With everyone stuck in covid quarantine, people are looking for things that they can do inside. Many are picking up gaming, and in numbers many are switching to PC gaming. With the addition of online school, having a PC is even more important. For Senior Rafael Baltazar, that's something he’s had since he was going into sixth grade.

“I built my first custom PC the summer before sixth grade, more than six years ago.”

Baltazar is one of many people who decided to build their own PC. Instead of buying a prebuilt computer from a single brand, these people are buying different parts all from different brands, and assembling it to create their computer. Many people chose to do this because they can decide what they want their computer for, if you need a computer for gaming then you can buy parts to handle that. Deciding what you want is what brings the interest in building PCs.

Baltazar got into building PC’s way back in the summer of sixth grade. His first build took him a while to complete, but now he says the learning experience was worth it.

“For my first build it took me several hours, I can do it faster now since I know what to do. Compatibility of the parts is an issue that everyone can have. I’d say it was a learning experience so it was worth it, it just takes a while to learn.”

Senior Rafael Baltazar's PC

However, Baltazar also believes that there are benefits to both buying a prebuilt or building it yourself.

“Custom PCs are usually cheaper because you're not paying for someone to build it, however for cheaper PCs it makes sense. If you're interested in PCs it makes more sense to go custom.” Baltazar said.

Junior Frannie Nicolas also built her own PC around a year ago. She thinks that the added customizability can represent your personality. Things like RGB (Red Green Blue) glowing parts, braided cables and led strips allow you to choose color schemes and themes.

“If you build your own PC it's more customized to your personality, because mine I have stuff that represents me.”

Junior Frannie Nicolas's Setup

Baltazar also has LED strips for his setup and likes this added customizability.

“It depends on the component, an rgb keyboard is 50% more, I’m a frugal person so I bought a roll of led strips which was more than enough for me and my friends. As long as it's not too much and you're not turning performance down for aesthetics then it's worth it. Performance versus good price.”

Senior Brian Martin recently just built his PC, and spent the extra money on adding light up parts.

“I definitely do think it was worth it, I think the color of the PC really adds your own personal style to the build. And lastly who wants a boring looking pc? Why not spend 40 dollars or more to make it look nice?”

Senior Brian Martin's PC

Overall, just doing something that you look and suits your needs is the best thing. “The most rewarding thing is that seeing it works, just being able to build it in your own hands instead of having someone do it for you, the learning experience is really rewarding.” Baltazar said.

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Rafael Baltazar, Frannie Nicolas, Brian Martin