First agriculture revolution was the transition of humans from nomadic hunting production of domesticated plants and animals. Food sources became more reliable. People discovered how to farm and they were able to settle down and establish permanet settlements near the food.

First crops grown by humans

2nd Agriculture Revolution changed lives by farmers making more food and technology. People began moving to the city during the 2nd Agriculture Revolution , farmers didnt need as many workers.

Farming has upgraded

3rd Agricultrure Revoltion- Invention of high grains especially rice with goal of reducing hunger.

modern day farming is more improved and updated

Gmos stand for gentically modified organisms and they are organisms made with engineered material with th goal of improving the orginal organism.

Subsitence farmers are farmers who produce the food they need to survive on a daily basis. .Sustanable is the production of food fiber or other plant or animal products , commercial is farming for a profit

Facts about Agriculture- 1.There around 2.2 million farms in the United States. 2. In 2006 the average American farmer grew enough food for 144 other people, in 1940 the average farmer grew enough food for 19 other people. 3. Farm and ranch families compromise 2% of the U.S population. 4. The fertile cresent is the site of the earliest planned sowing and harvesting of plants.

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