Endangered species lino-cut project Tiana Taylor

Assignment parameters: We needed to make a lino-cut print of an endangered species. The parameters were to have lines go off 3 or more sides of the page, must have overlapping shapes, must have a variety of line work, and the background must have a uniform texture. My goal was to have a realistic penguin and meet all of the parameters.

Planning process

Feedback: When I asked other about what I should do they just said to clean up the sides, center the print, clean up the lines, and put a good amount of ink on the print.

Planning process: I needed to clean up my lines a little bit but that is all I felt that I needed to do. I think that I got lucky with my first print though, because I only needed to do it once.
In-progress: At first I had problems with getting the linoleum completely covered with ink.
In-progress: Then I over inked the linoleum and I also needed to clean up some lines. So I tried to find a good amount of ink and clean the linoleum.
Finished project

Critic: I think that I could've done better on the ink and applying it evenly, but I tried it multiple times and I couldn't get it down. I also think that I should have made the print more centered and clean on the sides. However overall I think that I did a good job.

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