The Magic of Oranges and Balloons Jon and hayden

For our project, we have decided to pop balloons. That's it. Except, we're not using pins or needles. We're using oranges. Oranges, you ask? Yes; Oranges have the ability to pop certain balloons. There is a chemical formula that happens when the right type of rubber in a balloon combines with oranges. The process is very simple. First, you need to peel an orange. After that, you squeeze the juices out of the peel onto the balloon. Third, it pops, hopefully. This only works with some balloons. If your balloons don't work with this expirement, try to find some different ones. The acid that is making the balloons pop is called Limonene. It's an acid that breaks down some types of rubber and causes balloons to pop, if done correctly.

Happy Balloons that are about to die
The chemical formula for the reaction that happens

In order for this process to work, you need to first find rubber that can correlate with the reaction. You'll need a very plump orange so that you can get juice out of the peel. You cannot take the juice striaght from the orange because the juice in the orange itself doesn't react with the rubber. After you've peeled the orange, you'll want to blow up the balloon as big as you can. You want to do this so that the rubber is weakened and stretched, therefore making the acids break down the rubber quicker. After the balloon is blown up (air wise), you'll want to squeeze the peel over the balloon. The reaction takes a few seconds for the explosion to happen, but in the end, the balloon will pop. If you fill it with water, some spurts of water will pop out before the entire balloon explodes. Don't be sad if the balloon doesn't pop instantly, or at all. The process only works with some balloons and it takes a while for the balloon to pop. This is just part of the process. In the end, if the balloon pops, it will normally be a surprise. You cannot get a good estimate on how long it would take because it's always changing.


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