Journey Log 2

Justin Wilcher - Skankhunt42


Journey Log 2


Habits of Mind being used: Beginning and Divergence

In class, we discussed the similarities and differences between monsters and villains. I have to start brainstorming villains for my final writing. The one villain that interests me is Frank Underwood in House of Cards. I am currently watching the series and I will definitely be finished in a month or so. He interests me because at first the show does not depict him as a villain, but just a politician. He slowly works his way up the ladder in the White House and his characteristics of Villain start to show. In class many students raised their hands to introduce their words to describe a villain. Some that not only interested me but those that I could connect to Frank Underwood included power, persuasive, decisive, and intimidating. I look forward to writing more about this piece and getting into the details of it later in the year.

This week was my very first raid along with my first journey log due the past Tuesday, which accumulated a large quantity of writing in my second week. This is all the beginning of my long journey through expanding my skills and knowledge of writing. Beginning is everything, it is one of my eight Habits of Mind I will be using consistently this semester. As I read about the Habit of Mind, the part that touched me the most was when I read that the hardest part is starting out. I found this to be very relatable when it comes to my first raid. A thousand words scared me when I first read the instructions. That was two days after writing a six-hundred-word journey log. This was the beginning of a new writing style for me, as I was instructed to drop my high school five paragraph essay format. Now I was not told how to write and at first I was confused and did not know where to start. I decided to brainstorm ideas starting with the game and main points of connection between it and literacy. However once writing actually started, I had no path, the path I usually take was the high school method of writing, but that path had closed. I needed to create my own path as there was not any laid out for me. Divergence was what I used, the ability to realize the path I was going and change to a different path in order to exceed my abilities. As Robert Frost meant in his poem, many people do not realize the path not taken, and that’s what drove me to change myself and diverge from my early writing career. I have set out to make my writing more personal than ever, digging into my past experiences as well as my emotions. I have never put this type of emotion into my writing like ever before. Divergence has brought me to this path, emotion and reflection. The both combined can make a powerful statement in any writing for any reader. I also had to expand not just my type of writing but how I edit it as well. With the raid I was encouraged to play around with headings, fonts, size, and colors in my words. I learned how it added emphasis to my key points and helped me connect my thoughts to my argument, the most important part of writing. I have learned a lot through habits of mind but I also have used them in practice much more than I have realized. I have found after this week that habits of mind are great for reflection. I am able to look back and connect my work to the eight various words in many different aspects.

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