Rhetoric of Cafe Luna by Sheikh Noohery



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  • Located near Central Square which is very convenient
  • Popular food places like Toscanini's Ice Cream and Patty Chan's Dumpling Room are near by
  • The restaurant itself is very popular



Inside of Cafe Luna
  • The restaurant is very small but welcoming
  • Since it is so small it always seems to be filled with people
  • People from all age groups can be seen here, however, majority of the customers are adults.
  • The owner and staff are nice even though they are very busy
  • People mainly come here for food, since it is not an ideal place to linger around.
  • The lighting is not very bright which makes the place comfortable.



  • The price is neither cheap nor too expensive; this appeals to people with decent income.
  • Some of the special items on the menu are expensive.
  • They serve Espresso drinks.
  • They also offer wine and beer.

Weekday Breakfast

  • Served Monday to Friday 7:30 AM to 2:30 PM, ideal for people who want brunch.

They serve:

  • variety of omelets, and waffles.
  • french toast.
  • JalapeƱo Mac and Cheese with Bacon and Eggs.

Side orders include breakfast sandwich, toast, bagel, sausage, fruit cup, fruit bowls, yogurt and oatmeal.


  • Their signature dishes have some good options for vegetarians.
  • Their "Big Bowl" salads sound pretty filling with meat options.

Weekend Brunch

  • They are very popular for their brunch. (They are moving to a new space in Main Street so they can fit more people in their restaurant).
  • They accept reservations for brunch, however walk ins are accepted throughout the day
  • Their brunch menu is four pages long which appeals to people who love to brunch.
  • Their pancake with lemon curd is very popular, along with the different types of Eggs Benedict.
Despite being a small and crowded place, Cafe Luna is popular for their brunch and nice staff. The restaurant is located near a train station and other popular food places making it easily accessible. Due to its size, the place is not ideal for people to hang out in, however, the food is delicious and affordable for people with decent income. Since the restaurant is moving to bigger place the rhetoric of it might change.

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  2. Inside of Cafe Luna
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