Monica & Marcos

Congratulations to Monica and Marcos on their upcoming marriage!!!

So what is their story?

Think way back to 2009... Marcos Duran and Monica Alston met for the first time.

As one of Ann Alston’s good friends, Marcos attended many family holidays such as Easter Sunday. Thus, Marcos came to know the Alston family, including all four sisters, very well.

When they first met, the future couple were very different people. For many years, they would occasionally meet during special events at the Alston home in Ennis, and even at UT Dallas, where both Monica and her older sister Claire studied.

Monica’s first impression of Marcos was one of silliness. (who is silly in that picture?) She didn’t think of him as anyone other than her sister's friend. That’s why she mostly ignored him for those years. This would not change until around the time she turned twenty-one.

For Marcos, the story is more complicated. He always recognized Monica’s aloof and disinterested beauty, but didn’t think much of it since she was still young. As Monica grew older, Marcos became more and more curious about the person she was becoming.

One moment stands out to Marcos. Before this moment, he cautiously admired Monica with curiosity. After this moment, his feelings became more serious. This moment came at the National Polka Festival in 2014 in Ennis, Texas. It was not the first Polka Festival Marcos attended with the Alston family, and it was not the first time Marcos danced with Monica to the lively tunes of the Brave Combo band. But it was this Polka Fest while twirling on the dance floor together, avoiding Monica’s bare feet, that Marcos could no longer deny his interest.

It was not until the summer of 2015 that Monica finally noticed Marcos. She took three trips to Austin that summer, one with her sister to celebrate her birthday and go to Fiesta Texas, a second time with the entire family to go on a cave exploration trip, and a third trip on her own. Naturally, Marcos was already considered part of the family and was invited on the family cave exploration trip. It was on that second trip that Marcos finally caught her eye.

The two eventually found each other, ready. Soon their bond was strengthened by a mutual love for the outdoors and activity.

And now the couple agrees it is time to share their love and joy.

On November 21, 2017, family and friends are invited to join them as they enter the sacred bond of marriage.

Marcos and Monica will join their family trees and begin a new family!

So how about the details?

Monica and Marcos have chosen a destination wedding at the Barcelo Maya Beach Resort in the Mexican Riviera Maya (near Cancun).

The ceremony will be held Tuesday November 21, 2017 on the beach with a reception to follow. As there will be activities prior to the wedding, Monica and Marcos have requested that you arrive by Sunday. Also note the resort has a 3-night minimum during this week so please plan accordingly.

The Barcelo Maya Beach resort is located in front of one of the most beautiful beaches in the Mexican Caribbean, which stretches 1.2 miles along the Mayan Riviera. The Barcelo Maya Beach is an All-Inclusive resort offering 24-hour dining and entertainment options.

To make your arrangements for this exciting event please contact

Sandra or Bill Alston at Team Alston Travel

or email

or call/text 760-672-3776

Please note that all reservations need to be made through Team Alston Travel to ensure access to the resort and wedding. Sandra and Bill are happy to answer any questions about the resort, destination and wedding.

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