Dubai By: Emily hensley, dai wynn, phillip pontious & amen dunson

Capital: Abu Dhabi

Population: 2.753 million

Language Spoken: Arabic , no English

3 Largest Cities: Dubai, Abu Dhabi, & Sharjah

Dubai Infrastructure: Free enterprise system

Highly developed transport infrastructure

State-of-the-art telecommunications

Sophisticated financial and service sector

Top international exhibition and conference venue

High-quality office and residential accommodation

Reliable power, utilities and other services

First-class hotels, hospitals, schools and shops

Cosmopolitan lifestyle

Traditional Greeting: as-salaam 'alaykum, and a kiss on each cheek for men

Food: Meat, Fish and rice are the staple foods of the Emirati cuisine.Muslims are prohibited from eating pork, so it is not included in Arab menus.

Geography: Dubai is located on the Persian Gulf in the northeast of the United Arab Emirates.Dubai is the second largest emirate with an urban area of 3885 sq km

Culture and business today:Culture in Dubai is rooted Islamic traditions that from UAE National's lifestyles.It is highly important that when tourists visit Dubai they must respect and behave suitably, as the minority group of Emiratis are very protective over their culture and traditions

There are obvious gender roles

It is appropriate, although not expected , to give a small token or gift to your host upon introduction

In Dubai you must respect and behave suitably, as the minority group of Emiratis are very protective over their culture and traditions

Multinational Corporations: Dubai International Financial Center Companies, Index UAE, Yellow,

Index UAE: only in Dubai

Corprite Culture:goes far beyond conventional directories in the care with which it scours sites for relevant keywords and orders those sites. We like to think of it not so much as a directory as a manually spider-ed search engine.

Good/Service: search engine

Dubai Art

Religion: mostly Islam b they except all religions (except Judaism)

Dubai Flags

Trade Surplus with U.S.- $22.3 in 2013

Largest Exports: Petroleum & Natural Gas

Main Exports: petroleum, gold, aluminium and other metals

Main Imports: gold, jewelry and cars

Major Occupations: Real Estate/ Property, Oil, Tourism,and Retail

Unemployment Rate: 0.4 %

Company Name: Future Motors


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