Otago Rail Trail Beautiful Landscapes

Graham, our host was much appreciative when we agreed to a late breakfast as he was in need of an extra sleep-in. So we decided to check out an old historic gold mine for a pre breakfast stroll that was only a few hundred metres up the road.

The day started with a fire red sunrise that lasted as long as I took to get some clothes on! So no photos, just memories! We departed well after 10am, but no hurry with only 45km and most if it downhill today.

I handed over my stamping responsibilities to Jenny as I was far too busy with the camera (well that was my excuse). Surprise surprise, no stamps missed and all up the right way and in the right order. She has found her new vocation in life!

Initially a little disappointed with an overcast day, but just blown away with the dramatic landscapes it produced, this is truly a beautiful part of the world!

Arriving at our last overnight destination we were again warmly greeted by our hosts, Frank and Alexis, who were clearly glad of a break from their other group of 8 demanding guests and as easy going as we are, we were a breath of fresh air to them!

Great dining outside with the mountains as our backdrop and the evening finished off with a magnificent sunset.

Just a perfect way to finish off a perfect day!

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