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My name is Janie i am 15 and i love to dance and be active. well i have two siblings a 2 year-old sister and a 9 year-old brother which makes me the oldest one and the example for them to achieve in life.I am the first class to attend and graduate from EChs. echs is a program that helps me get my school diploma and my college associates Together. This school has been a good experience for me too. THis page is going to be my class journal. It may have alot of gross pictures about diseases or about our human body but it is for us to learn about it especalliy if i am going to be in the emt program.
Shingles are a stripe of painful red rashes with blisters which can appear anywhere in your body. Most likely anyone who's had chickenpox may develop shingles. Pain can persist even after the rash is gone . Treatments include pain relief and antiviral medications such as acyclovir. Shingles vaccine as an adult can minimize the risk of developing shingles

Osteopenia is when the body doesn't make new bone as quickly as it absorbs the old bone. Ostepenia is a disease that cant be cured but can be treated. Most of the time osteopenia doeskin have symptoms unless it progress to osteoporosis which are back pain, loss of height, stooped posture, and easily fractured bones. Treatments include exsercise and dietary supplement and require an Primary care provider (PCP)Prevents, diagnoses, and treats diseases & Endocrinologist-Treats metabolic and hormone disorders.

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