Bees should be saved from extinction. By Minjun Park

Why are bees so important?

Bees are important because they produce 70% of our food like apples. Bees can do this by drinking nectar from flower but they accidentally take pollen with them to another flower. This is the process of pollination. But If bees are gone, what would happen?

What will happen in a world without bees?

Well, without bees our grocery stores will lose about 80% of fruits or vegetables, or of course, Honey. Without bees we will have no apples, pears,onions, tomatoes or cucumber or (I can't even bring myself to say this,) no BLUEBERRY.

Why are bees dying?

Bees are dying because of pesticides. Pesticides are chemicals that farmers put in their crops so insects can't touch the crops. If pesticide are on flowers it will kill the bees. Another reason is a virus that started in india and spread around asia. The virus makes young larvas die. One small larva can infect the whole beehive, so bees throw them away. But if more and more larvas die, the bees just leave the bee hive to another one. But if larvas die,there will not be many bees.

How can you help the bees from extinction?

The number one way to stop bees from extinction is DONT USE PESTICIDES. Pesticide harms the bees. Another way to stop bees from extinction is to plant many flowers. Many flowers will help bees. Also if you see a bee, stay still. Make sure you dont have perfume. If you get stung you are injured, but the bees die. So if you see a bee try your best not to get stung.

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